When You Are Feeling Lost

Dear younger me, I know what is like to feel lost. I know what is like to have many options open all at once and the pain that comes when no doors are opening. Decisions are scary and change is always challenging. But don’t you dare stay in the same place because you are afraid … Continue reading When You Are Feeling Lost


When You Question Hardships

Dear younger me, You have not gone through this yet. But I want you to be prepared. I want you to know that life is a fairytale with many unexpected turns. It is the most beautiful growing process anyone could ever experience. Most of the things you will experience will be unexpected and unexplainable. But … Continue reading When You Question Hardships

When You Doubt Your Worth

This one is for you, yes, you. The one who thinks you are not good enough. Sometimes it seems like nothing goes right, like you cannot handle the workload, your emotions, or your choices. Seems like you are just not good enough. You see post on social media about your friends accomplishing great things, and … Continue reading When You Doubt Your Worth