About A


Hello friends,

I’m Andrea. In 2016, I finally had the guts to start posting some of my thoughts in this blog. Hoping they would serve a good purpose and help readers overcome silly fears implanted in our minds.

I have noticed my writings help me understand what I am going through and overcome my own fears. So this blog intends to bring light to you as well! … And I like being able to look back and read my posts… see how far I’ve come!

My goal is to help us both understand and overcome our deepest fears. Discover our talents and passions because there is so much talent hidden inside of us. So we can embrace it and share it with this world… Make it a better place.

Finally, I love photos. They take you back to moments in time and you get to relive the moment one more time… There’s a whole section just on photos too.

I think cool things happen even when we are not paying attention, so lets keep our eyes open!