Paper Over Dreams

img_6751We’ve become obsessed with things
We’ve become obsessed with paper
Paper can get you stuff
But paper cannot give you real
We choose status over living life
Cuz we’ve forgotten our most precious gift is time
Now time is running out
We spend our days working for paper
Killing trees, Killing dreams
Forgetting true purposes
Disregarding passions
Collecting more coins than kings own

Cuz paper can give you peace
& Money can buy you freedom

Slaves to paper for life
We’ve forgotten who we were
In a race to the top

When the truth is

Happiness can’t be bought
It’s the result of a choice
To live a life you love
To love the life you have
The result of living a life you’re passionate about
Of holding on tight

& Never letting go of your true self 💖



Nature is amazing. Slow down, take time to appreciate it!


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