Chase your dreams with passion

Momma always said, I was meant to change the world. And I think she is right.

We are on this planet, on this given day, for a reason.

You, are still here!

Do you really believe today has no purpose? Your today has no meaning? … From the moment you woke up today, your actions have had an impact. Even if all you have done today is brush your teeth, think about how that simple act, impacted the world.

Think about your interactions with people. Do those have a purpose? The way you greeted the doorman, they way he greeted you. Do they have an impact? Do you ever smile at a random stranger, they smile back, and your whole day is made? Do you ever go out with friends and laugh until your stomach hurts?

All these tiny interactions, have a huge impact in the great scheme of things. We are magicians. We create our reality with our actions. Imagine what could happen if our actions and little interactions were completely driven by love! Our actions have consequences, even if we don’t want them to. They do.

This world can be a better place because we are the creators of our own realities. We choose our actions, sometimes we make right choices, and sometimes we don’t. But that’s the point. It is our choice to act rightly and purposefully.

My challenge for you and even for me, is to figure out what makes you and I come alive. What is the one thing that you love doing or would love to do? Because once you realize what is it that you are passionate about, and you start doing it, big things start to happen. When we act out of love and passion, we start to see fruit in the world. We learn to figure out hows when we know our whys. Usually, when we know our why, nothing can stop us. Actually, we will give it our all and we won’t give up.

I challenge us to continue searching for that one thing that lights our heart and soul on fire. Whatever it may be, follow it. I am sure you have the passion and the talents you have for a reason. We are not here by chance. Our lives are not simple coincidences. We have a purpose. Our purpose is to shine our light so bright that we help others become lights too. We do this by giving our best to the world through our passions.

Also, do not let this world discourage you. We are at a turning point. Our generation knows it is time to change. It is time to stop chasing the wrong dreams and follow our hearts. People might think we are crazy because we live different life styles. But honestly, who cares? If you know deep down that you have a passion, and this passion serves a greater purpose. Go for it! Don’t be afraid, chase your dreams, and protect them. Share your gifts with the world. Be filled with joy and love. Share your dreams with those around you. Let your magic come to life. You know you are called to do great things. Don’t settle now. Take a leap of faith and do something you won’t regret! Take a chance today.

Figure out what your dreams are and chase them. Protect them. Become the person you are meant to be. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you along the way.

Do not forget… You are worthy, you are invaluable. You have more inside of you than you know.

You are here with a purpose. God’s given you another day for a reason. It is not coincidence that you are alive today. You still have some work to do!



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