The Big Apple

New York City…

Will always be in my heart. 4 trips in 4 years just because… NY is NY.

The streets are packed with people, culture, art, and great food. Nothing like going to a Broadway play, Cirque du Soleil, Central Park on a Sunny day, Central Park on a Gloomy day, a tiny coffee shop on Broadway, or an Italian restaurant in little Italy. Nothing like watching street performers dance, or jump rope. Nothing like jumping rope with the same street performers. Nothing like buying a painting from a local artist who just painted it in 10 minutes and right before your eyes. Nothing like learning how to use the metro card for the first time, or getting a cab and becoming best friends with the driver. Nothing like going to see the Statue Of Liberty with your family. Nothing like walking the streets with your best girlfriends. One cannot help but feel like a character from Gossip Girl.

NY surprised me every single time. Don’t let stereotypes keep you from enjoying the city. People will be nice if you are nice too! I found some of the greatest locals in NY. I loved this place So much, that I needed a page solely for the Big Apple.



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