8,000 Feet Above the Sea

I’m from Colombia. A country located in the North East corner of Latin America. This is truly a magical place to visit and a very awesome place to grow up in. Colombia is in the Equator. So we never get seasons but we always have the best weather. All kinds of fruits grow in our land, all kinds of flowers bloom all year long.

We have an immense variety of fauna and a really diverse population. Animals hold a huge place in my heart. I have seen a calf play with a human as if it were a dog. I have seen cats give hugs to humans. I have seen the loyalty a dog has with his human. This is one of my favorite pages because I have captured some of the happiest times I have shared with my pets.

These photos were taken near Bogota, the capital. In different towns and farms. Enjoy and I hope you choose to come witness it on your own.



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